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Laurens County Parks & Recreation - $1,727,500

Renovate and update recreational parks throughout the county to include new playground equipment, splash pads, picnic tables, and shelters.


Laurens County Regional Library – Clinton - $4,300,000

Construct a 12,000 square foot up-to-date library facility, offering books, computer access, designated children’s area, community gathering space, tutoring rooms and ample parking.


Historic Courthouse - $3,550,766

Restoration, repair, and renovation of the roof, exterior foundation, moisture control of the facility as well as an interior ADA compliant elevator.


Agriculture & Business Center - $7,983,008

Construct a multipurpose facility for public events and to house the Clemson Extension Offices.


Fountain Inn Infrastructure - $912,000

Upgrades to improve Exit 22 on Interstate 385 to enhance traffic flow and minimize congestion.


E-911 Radio Upgrades - $2,481,496

Purchase and upgrade all first responder radios to the Palmetto 800 standard to enable all responders to effectively communicate and coordinate responses.


Laurens County Airport Upgrade - $500,000

Rebuild an efficient airport terminal to provide better services for the public and industry that will meet competitive standards in other regional airports.


Veterans Monuments and Memorial Park - $414,200

Establish a memorial park at the Laurens County Library with monuments dedicated to the branches of the military.

LCWSC Water Tank - Hickory Tavern - $1,994,755

Replaces the water tower in Hickory Tavern to increase capacity for more efficient operations of infrastructure and for future development.


Martha Dendy Community Center - $756,000

Improve and expand the capabilities for adult education, tutoring, and community enrichment at the former Martha Dendy School.


Laurens County EMS - Medic 1 Renovation - $314,500

Renovate the current Medic 1 Center on Exchange Drive to improve services and response times.


Laurens County Animal Shelter - $280,000

Renovations of the animal shelter to include an HVAC system to allow safer handling of the animals.


Laurens County Trails Association - $300,000

Construct a walking/biking/hiking trail in and around Laurens County Hospital to become a part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.


Town of Gray Court Park - $891,220

Construct the first phase of a park complex for ball fields and recreation.


City of Clinton Infrastructure - $6,528,443

Repair of certain streets, relocation of utility boxes, and repair certain aging water and sewage lines.


Laurens County Sheriff's Office Evidence Storage Facility - $1,964,250

Construct a facility with climate control features for storing evidence, multi-year records, and mandatory court evidence.

Veterans Monument
Laurens County Airport
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