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Small Business Owner Thoughts


I would like to make a brief statement about the Capital Project Sales Tax. As a resident of Laurens County, born and reared here, attended public school, and as a small business owner, I believe we should take pride in our responsibility as Laurens County residents to not only maintain, but build up and advance the county with all that lies within us as citizens.

As in maintaining our personal homes, etc., can become expensive, it is also the same with maintaining and promoting our county. That is why I believe and support the Penny Sales Tax. Since there are several projects that need to be done, as well as doing something new for Laurens County, (approximately 16 projects), I feel that contributing a little for a definite time frame (8 years) is a good method. In this way, we will even have help from people who are outside of Laurens County. The fact that it is not a property tax is also a very good thing.

Please vote in favor of maintaining, elevating, and upgrading our beloved Laurens County on November 3rd. Vote “YES”. The complete list of projects/details can be found on the website for the Capital Project Sales Tax for Laurens County.

Thank you,

Brenda Ligon,


Precept Staffing, Inc.,

Advanced Drug Testing Services

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