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Now Accepting Proposals to Improve Laurens County

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Laurens County Capital Projects Sales Tax Commission held its second meeting last evening and prepared to receive requests for funding for special projects to enhance Laurens County. An application for interested groups to use in applying for funding was going online thru the Chamber of Commerce. People or groups with project ideas should file their request for funding by 5:00 pm on April 28th. Once copied off the internet and completed, the proposals can be mailed or dropped off at the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce office. They may also be emailed to the Capital Project Sales Tax Commission at: Following last evening’s meeting, Laurens County Capital Project Sales Tax Commission Chairman Walter Hughes III told WLBG that the Commission wants to be equitable to everybody who propose projects. He wants each group that submits a proposal to understand that they have been heard. He noted all proposal must be self-sustaining. Laurens County Attorney Sandy Cruickshanks was on hand for the CPST Commission and explained that while the South Carolina Department of Revenue expects the penny sales tax will generate $51 million, County Council wants to be conservative, suggesting the commission plan on awarding grants for up to $35 million. The Greenwood County Capital Project Sales tax reportedly did not generate the revenue as predicted, so Laurens County wants to be cautious not to promise more than can be delivered. Mr. Cruickshanks explained to the Commission last evening that, should the Referendum for the Sales Tax be approved by Laurens County voters in November, the county will issue bonds for $35 million dollars for the projects the Commission selects, and that money will be repaid as the sales tax revenue comes in over the period the capital sales tax is in effect. Before the Laurens County Capital Sales Tax Commission meeting, Laurens County Council Chair David Pitts told those attending the Laurens County Development Corporations’ Annual Meeting that the projects the commission is to approve are to address needs that will help improve the quality of life in Laurens County.

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