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Dear Editor...Wanda S. Woody-Workman

Dear Editor, For years the Laurens County Library Board has recognized that the present storefront library is inadequate to fully serve the people of Clinton and southern half of Laurens County. The Clinton Library has been in a temporary location for years but now we have a chance to have a modern library that the whole county can be proud of. On election day, Laurens County voters can choose to vote yes to the Capital Project Sales Tax. This penny sales tax is paid by all, instead of placing the burden on property owners and it is projected that over 40 percent will be paid for by visitors from out of the county. The library is very much needed, as are many of the other projects. They will not only contribute to the quality of life in Laurens County, but also to the safety, progress, and soundness of the county. You can find more information on all of the projects at I encourage all voters to support the library and the other projects on the list by voting Yes for the Capital Project Sales Tax! Yours truly, Wanda S. Woody-Workman Laurens County Library Board Clinton

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