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Considering Projects for a Special Sales Tax

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

On the WLBG Morning News Magazine this morning, Hughes said the commissioners have worked hard to bring to the voters a solid package that hits a lot of categories in different areas of Laurens County. He said he is very comfortable with the projects list, noting it includes everything from parks and recreation to a renovated EMS facility, balancing needs and wants. Other projects include a facility at the site of the fairgrounds for an agricultural exhibition center, a Martha Dendy Center and a new library for Clinton. Walter Hughes noted that, other than Union County, all other counties that surround Laurens County have already had a special projects sales tax; in fact, some are on their second or third. He said having a special projects sales tax of one percent funds these needed projects without having to increase property tax. Walter Hughes said that the special projects sales tax will not be paid on the purchase of gasoline, groceries or prescription drugs. He said the Special Projects Sales Tax Commission has worked hard to bring the voters a solid package that hits a lot of different categories along with different locations around Laurens County. The Special Projects Sales Tax Commission is holding a meeting at 7:00 this evening to explain more about the projects and the process of a Special Projects Sales Tax. Walter Hughes said that the public may view the meeting live at the Special Projects Commission’s Facebook page. That can be accessed by going to: This site also has information on the projects that are to be funded, should Laurens County voters approve the referendum November 3rd.

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